Support Overview

We use FreshDesk for support tickets and issue management. Resolution is as per the SLA terms in the standard agreement.

The monthly subscription covers support for the Admin Users, which includes email and phone support. We typically resolve any issue without additional charge, and will not charge for anything without letting you know first and getting your approval.

Custom development and new features specifically requested by you are not covered by the monthly subscription, although if the new feature is going to benefit MCX as a whole, we will develop it at half price to you.

Additional training after the initial setup period is also chargeable, although we are keen to encourage good use of our software, so often do not charge for this.

The customer support team is located in Auckland, but travels to customer sites for training (on payment of air fares and accommodation).

Hosting & Security

Customer data is housed in Cyberglue’s secure server cabinets in the Vodafone Data Centre in Albany (on Auckland’s North Shore). See our Data Centre, Backup and Disaster Recovery statement for more details.

Physical security at this facility is impressive. Access is controlled by swipe card and unique PIN through 6 levels, from the outside perimeter fence, building access, photo ID registration at reception, internal access controlled by the on-site security guard, to the specific server room. Once in the server room, another code and PIN must be entered to unlock the specific cabinets that house our servers.

Virtual security is managed by our firewall, a separate and dedicated server configured to only grant access to authorised traffic. This allows web traffic to get to the web server, which can securely communicate with the application server and through that to the database server (where customer data is stored). The firewall refuses access direct to the application server (except for our development engineers), and allows no access at all direct to the database server.

Note that your MemberConnex environment runs permanently in secure (https) mode using 2048 bit SSL Certificate encryption. We also recommend that your public or member website runs completely in secure (https) mode, so all communication with the site is encrypted.