About MemberConnex

What is MemberConnex?

MemberConnex aims to help you face the challenges of all modern industry associations - how to be invaluable to your members. The goal is to provide relevant, timely, beneficial information and services to members, so that it is a simple decision for every industry participant to belong.

For the past twenty years MemberConnex has been helping New Zealand and Australian associations, institutes and societies deliver value to their members. In that time we have learnt the best practices that enhance retention rates and maximise member benefits. MemberConnex is New Zealand's leading solution for member management. It is an MRM or Member Relationship Management system, which is a CRM system designed specifically for membership organisations.

MemberConnex is in use by more than 60 associations, institutes, industry bodies and membership organisations in New Zealand, and a further 10 in Australia, including five systems recently commissioned by the Federal Government of Australia for their $250 million Industry Growth Centres Initiative, following a rigorous due diligence process. MemberConnex is locally developed and supported, with an ongoing development roadmap that sees regular releases of software updates with new features, bug fixes and software and usability enhancements.

Valuable functionality

MemberConnex is the most feature-packed system available.

You do a lot for your members, and MemberConnex is there every step of the way with beautifully-crafted software to assist with all your important processes.

MemberConnex has been designed and continues to be developed specifically for the needs of membership organisations. Its features include flexible membership structures that allow for company memberships, individual memberships or a mix of both. MemberConnex can also provide considerable operational efficiencies for organisations, with a single, centralised database allowing for simpler subscription management through integrated billing processes, as well as encompassing:

  • a comprehensive membership database and management system
    • powerful 'slice and dice' filtering and reporting capabilities
    • Chapters, Branches and Special Interest Groups
    • chargeable membership services and support for corporate and individual membership
  • an enterprise web content management system with potential for multiple websites
    • full e-commerce capabilities
    • an industry knowledge base
    • member directory with powerful profiling capabilities
    • advertising management
    • video, image galleries, blogs, social media integration and more
  • events management
    • online registration of simple events through to complex conferences
    • sophisticated ticket management, with QR Code support for recording attendance
  • email and SMS (txt) marketing
    • bounce management, confirmation of delivery (open rate reporting)
  • contact management
    • keep track of interactions with members
  • financial management system for all member-related accounting
    • from invoicing (including bulk membership subscription runs)
    • through to accounts receivable
    • comprehensive reporting and transfer to back-end financial systems
  • donation management
  • a member survey tool
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and courseware delivery systems
  • all available to association staff or to members through the self-service portal
    • with proven security and access control so that people only see what is appropriate for them

(Note that some features described incur activation or services costs.)




Communicate with your members

  • CMS Website
  • Events
  • Education and courses
  • Email newsletters and campaigns
  • Searchable Knowledge Base
  • Chapters and Special Interest Groups
  • Video and Image Galleries
  • Social Media integration


Engage with your members

  • Self-service member dashboard
  • Member search and networking opportunities
  • Events and courses
  • Chapters and Special Interest Groups
  • Blogs, discussion forums, comments
  • Feedback, surveys, job boards
  • Project-specific pages
  • Contact management
  • Social media integration


Conduct all member financial transactions

  • eCommerce, multiple payment options
  • Self-service account access
  • Integrated financial management, with reporting
  • Subscription renewals, membership services
  • Advertising, jobs, classifieds
  • Online event purchasing
  • Responsive pricing


Educate your members

  • Events and Courses
  • Training and accreditation
  • Simple Learning Management system
  • Units and Qualifications
  • Automated CPD (professional development) system
  • Courseware delivery
  • Online tests


Give your members a voice

  • Member directory with self-managed profiles
  • Industry promotion
  • Member blogs
  • Surveys
  • Submissions on government policy

Operational Efficiencies

Deliver better services in real time

  • Single Database, single system
  • Replace member db, email lists, event lists, website db, debtors ledger
  • Segment (Slice and Dice) - know your members
  • Minimal IT support required
  • Robust and proven performance
  • Strategic advice
  • Regular software updates and enhancements
  • Real-time, Member self-service

MemberConnex Editions

MemberConnex is available in four editions, Group (introductory edition for small associations), Professional (suitable for most associations in New Zealand and Australia) and Enterprise (for larger associations), as well as MemberConnex – Sports Edition, for National Sporting Organisations.

MemberConnex is hosted for you in our secure data centre, so there is no capital outlay - you only need an internet connection and a web browser. And because it is the same software in use by all our customers, there is no "development risk", and you can be up and running in a matter of days (or a few weeks), not months.