MemberConnex (MCX) is built with a "plug-in" architecture, that allows easy integration with third party web properties. In fact, our company name, "Cyberglue", derives from the fact that we are the "glue" that connects various online (or "cyber") systems.

External partners can also connect with MemberConnex using our powerful REST API, which allows access to data in a secure and controlled manner.

The current MemberConnex integrations include:

Payment Gateways


Our favourite payment provider

Our preferred payment provider, formerly known as Payment Express (and DPS), Windcave has been the premier supplier of payment solutions in New Zealand and Australia for many years. Cyberglue's association with Windcave goes back a long way - in fact, we assisted in developing their Java web service connector. More than 90% of MemberConnex (MCX) customers use the Windcave payment gateway, and getting it operational is a two minute job - just enter the Windcave Merchant ID and Merchant Key (username and password) into the Windcave setup page in MCX.

Transactions supported in MCX include Payment, Authorise, Complete, Refund and Recurring Credit Card Payments, and the Windcave A2A (Account to Account) internet banking interface is also supported.


A worldwide alternative with modern user interface

Stripe is now one of the largest payment providers in the world, with a great user experience for purchasers.


The original worldwide standard

If you accept payment by PayPal, you can take payments through your MemberConnex site.

Financial Software

MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced takes your members to the cloud

Implement world-class membership software with sophisticated financial management online when you connect MemberConnex and MYOB Advanced.


Managing members is beautiful with online accounting software from Xero

MemberConnex is beautifully integrated with Xero's online accounting software. Spend less time managing the finances and more time providing amazing member service when you integrate MemberConnex and Xero.

MYOB Greentree

Enterprise ERP and enterprise member management

Combine the sophisticated, enterprise-level engine room MYOB Greentree with enterprise-grade member management and stakeholder engagement with MemberConnex. Make complexity more manageable.